During my first semester of graduate school at Temple University, I was given the opportunity to intern with SEO Digital Group and transition to their freelance writing team in January 2021.

Some of my duties as a freelance writer include researching assigned topics, formatting content on WordPress, embedding related images from social media websites, linking to other relevant blog posts, and auditing content with to increase traffic.

My work can be found on YeahWeddings and Pizzaware.


During the summer between my junior and senior year of university, I pitched to Flip Screen and Scratch Cinema to gain experience with writing about movies.

When contributing to these student-run publications, my main responsibilities involved researching the film’s history, analyzing its visual and verbal symbolism, and justifying my personal appreciation or criticism of the movie.


As a senior at Salve Regina University, I enrolled in a Feature Writing class that focused on creating content for digital and print magazines.

The topics of these articles were chosen by me and approved by my professor. This content has not been published elsewhere but has been included in my portfolio to demonstrate my researching, fact-checking, and interviewing skills.

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YeahWeddings – 2020


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This section of my portfolio is dedicated to topics outside of film analysis with websites that have not hired me as a full-time or freelance writer.

Any content that has been published before 2019 was created under another pseudonym before I decided using my birth name.


Scratch Cinema was established in May of 2019 by university students who share a love for films and want to gain experience towards professionally writing about them. I acted as an editor for Scratch Cinema from July 2019 to October 2019.

Some of my responsibilities as an editor include correcting any grammatical or spelling errors, reducing any redundant word choice, creating more sentence variety, and fact-checking.

The following list includes a few of the film analyses that I’ve personally edited for the website. While they do not necessarily reflect my own opinions, they remain in compliance with Scratch Cinema’s administrative rules.